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The Travel Agency Business Plan You Need (+ Free Video Guide)

Are you ready to start your own travel agency but don't know where to start? Check out TravClan's step-by-step guide to understanding how a travel agency works and learn how to make money in the industry. Plus, discover how TravClan can help you connect with trusted and verified suppliers to expand your business.
By Yukta Arora, Marketing

You finally made the choice. You always wanted to start off your travel business and make huge profits by providing the best travel experience out there to your customers.

And after days of contemplating, you finally made the call to start your own travel agency. But…

Where to start from?

How Do Travel Agencies make Money?

How can I make money from my limited experience?

Well, TravClan has got you covered.

We have prepared for you a simple step by step process to understand how a travel agency works.

The Perfect business plan for your own travel agency which will not only make you money but will also provide your future customers the best travel experience that they want.

Like any other industry, there is certain players/stakeholder for a successful business transaction. Let us have a look at them:

By seeing the above diagram you must have already got an idea how does a usual travel agency transaction work.

A travel agent usually receives a requirement from a customer, gets in contact with a Supplier/DMC for a B2B Quote, and pitch the quote with his profit margin to the customers.

If customers like the price and the services offered, they agree to book the packages with the Travel Agent.

Travel Agents purchases the packages from the DMC and sells for a simple mark up/profit margin to the customer. That is how a usual business transaction work.

A common mistake a lot of people do is confuse DMC for Service Provider or vice versa.

It is very important to know the difference between a DMC – Destination Management Company and a Service Provider.

  1. DMC – A DMC is basically an aggregator dealing with multiple service providers and travel agents at the same time to manage the on ground business of a traveler.
  2. Service Provider – A Service provider is the person/entity providing the traveler with the services that he/she is actually paying for. For example – hotels, airlines, cab drivers etc.

The major problem that any travel business may face is the problem of trust with the organization that you are dealing with.

You are new to the industry and do not want to make any mistakes that can cost you thousands of rupees just because you did not pay attention to some basic details.

Worry not, TravClan has got you covered there as well.

Here is a short video which explains how TravClan can help Travel Agencies to connect with Trusted and Verified Suppliers, How to Get Free Quotes and help in your business expansion:

TravClan is currently working with more than 10,000+ travel agents and an army of more than 500+ verified DMCs.

At TravClan, we are on a mission to solve a genuine problem faced by millions of travel entrepreneurs across the world.

We connect travel agents with suppliers across the world. Using technology, we provide travel agents access to great products and the best price.

We hope that this must’ve have given you some clarity as to how you can start your travel agency with the perfect business plan to grow and prosper together.

To start your travel agency journey with TravClan, fill this form below and get started NOW:

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