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The Best Networking Tips for Travel Agents (Step-by-Step Guide For Growth)

This blog post will provide a step-by-step guide for travel agents to improve their networking skills and grow their business. It will offer practical tips on how to build relationships with clients, industry peers, and suppliers, as well as how to leverage social media and attend networking events
By Devansh Kalra, Marketing

With the rising use of new technologies and advanced tools to grow and market any business today, the value of an important traditional method to connect with industry peers is gradually being forgotten; this slowly fading yet effective way is called Networking.

Networking, in simple terms, means the exchange of information and ideas among people with a common profession or special interest, usually in an informal social setting.

It is especially important for a Travel Agent because connecting with the other travel industry members can help you hone your existing relationships as well as make new contacts, get new ideas, mentorship, opportunities and a potential set of customers.

It will make you an active, knowledgeable and known member in the market and definitely help you gain trust of new and existing customers.

It keeps you on your toes by exposing you to the necessary competition and support needed to grow in this fast-paced world of Tourism.

Whether you’re new to the industry or an old player, networking has proven to be a valuable tool regardless! 

Ways of Networking for Travel Agents:

Networking is a crucial art for any entrepreneur. It is all about building mutually beneficial relationships where interacting face to face, staying in touch, explaining yours and understanding the other person’s needs is considered as the best form of communication.

Listed below are the top ways in which you can practice maximum networking as a Travel Agent:

1. Networking with Clients

Every travel agent, big or small, wants to have the maximum customer base but what makes an agent different is his skill to identify moments and turn them into business opportunities.

Talk about travel with the people you come in contact with, tell them about your agency, what you do and what you can do for them. This type of networking can simply start with a handshake at any informal get-together, party or even at the gym, school functions or grocery stores.

If you are new in business then this is the best form of networking for you!

2. Networking with Travel Agents

Agent to agent networking is considered to be the most beneficial and amazing form of networking.

Meeting your fellow agents, discussing new travel trends, destinations, challenges and ideas can help you learn and plan the future of your travel agency.

Attend as many agent to agent events as possible, interact actively, exchange contacts and explore the best business opportunities available from time to time.

3. Supplier events and FAM Trips

Watch Umang from and Yogesh from Shane International talk about their FAM trip experience to Maldives. TravClan organized and sponsored a familiarization trip to Maldives in September 2019!

Attending supplier events and webinars whenever possible is a great way to build relationships across the industry.

Learning about new destinations, connecting with suppliers, letting them know what your needs are and what the end customers expect can help you expand your business further.

Attending events like tourism roadshows or SATTE,  participating in supplier webinars and undertaking FAM trips can shape and widen your understanding of the business.

4. Social Media Networking

Go ahead and connect with agents, suppliers as well as clients on Social Media. Be active on the internet, market your business, share deals / posters, ask your customers to write testimonials, follow fellow agents and join tourism groups on facebook, whatsapp, etc.

This will help you reach out to a wider audience and make a market presence of your brand. Take your business online today and slowly build a brand that people connect with.

We hope these networking tips help you expand your business, plan its course and find more customers.

Keep working, keep networking and keep getting closer to making your business known!

We at TravClan have compiled for you the latest marketing content, interactive videos, world-class website, latest travel deals, and much more in a bundle just for you to use and upgrade your travel agency to the next level.

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