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Culture at TravClan

Culture is the environment that surrounds us all the time. Workplace culture is the shared values, belief systems, attitudes, and assumptions that people in a workplace share. This is shaped by individual upbringing and social and cultural context. We at TravClan truly prioritize culture at its best.

Aptitude test as a part of the recruitment process

It’s difficult, right? To solve the maximum questions in a limited set of time with the fear of negative marking always hanging over your head. All of these thoughts make candidates back out even before appearing for the aptitude test. But relax, that’s not the case here!

Scared of Group Discussions? Not anymore with the hacks to crack it at TravClan!

Like anywhere else, a group discussion at TravClan is an online discussion round among 8-10 participants on simple & everyday life topics. This discussion is a part of our recruitment process and is monitored by the People Operations Function.

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