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I am here because I OWN TRAVCLAN - Zishan Ahmed

I feel satisfied when I look back and see my journey at TravClan. I joined the company in July 2018 when there was no office, no team, and no proper structure. I remember not receiving any joining letter, none of the co-founders had joined the company properly till then since a lot of things were being set up. Still, I joined TravClan purely on the basis of trust (on the co-founders whom I had known from my previous organizations) and the vision (to be the biggest travel company in the world). Of course, there were risks involved, after all, I was going to get involved in building a start-up from scratch, and in such a scenario, you either make it or break it and we were here to make it at any cost!

Most people go for an MBA after their graduation but I chose otherwise and I’m sure that the knowledge, the expertise that I received over my 3+ years of experience at TravClan is much more than what they teach in any Tier-1 business school. I always tell everyone that the very perk of working in a start-up is that you get the opportunity to explore, learn, and grow. Here at TravClan, I explored different verticals, learned a lot, and grew significantly in terms of knowledge, responsibility, and compensation.

On a daily basis, I come across people who tell me that they want to join TravClan because they have heard a lot about its culture. Each time this moment brings immense pride because we always wanted to make TravClan the best company, especially in terms of the culture and it is something that keeps on extending as a legacy from the co-founders to the early employees to the new joiners.

We don’t call each other Sir/Madam and managers/co-founders don’t have a separate cabin. Everyone is very approachable and accessible and anyone can share ideas/feedback openly. We eat together, party together and celebrate together despite being a team of 150 individuals.

I am about to complete four years and very often get asked about why I am still here, I think it is because of the growth, the amazing culture, and unlimited opportunities. Moreover, I am here because even during times like the pandemic, TravClan held onto each one of its employees. I am here because the goal of becoming the no. 1 travel company in the world is yet to be accomplished. Most importantly, I am here because I OWN TRAVCLAN.

Zishan Ahmed

Business Owner