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Don't think twice if you are an explorer! - Jaskaran Singh

The start of my journey at Travclan was a happy accident. I finished college in 2019 and had plans to study abroad, I had just cleared IELTS and was looking for colleges in Canada. It was then when a friend of mine forwarded a text about some placement opportunities in a startup named ‘TravClan’. I thought of giving it a shot to get some corporate experience in the meantime.

The selection process was very interesting and I’m mostly the nervous kind in interview setups but this time it felt better from the start. I had to go through an aptitude test and four face-to-face interview rounds to land the position. But the funny part was that in most of these interviews, I was just conversing with some really nice people. I was just talking about myself, telling them stories about my college life, and was surprised at finally landing the position!

I joined in August 2019 as a Finance Associate, back then there were just 25-30 people in the team, and the belongingness came in easily. With just three people in finance, we were given the opportunity to build up the complete function from scratch. To be honest, a startup, and especially this one, cannot be compared with any typical corporate life, because at TravClan, I’ve always felt like my efforts and my work really matter, I feel a sense of responsibility, to keep the hard work going to reach 100x growth.

In the first month itself, I fell in love with the company’s culture and this fondness only grew with time. Most coworkers were my age and seniors too felt like a family. People here genuinely want you to grow which I feel is beautiful. The strange company policies, like calling ‘Sir’ and ‘Maam’ are not allowed, the absence of conventional rigid leave structures – and many other employee-centric programs are enough to keep you attached with the company

It’s been two and a half years and I’ve learned a lot both horizontally and vertically. Along with Finance, I explored many of the other functions as well. My suggestion to you is to not think twice if you are an explorer. I learned about business, conducted and observed interviews, and also got to meet with some renowned players in the industry and all of this happened in just the first six months!

I can safely say that my interest in numbers was accurately recognized and utilized here. As time flew by, I developed an interest in Analytics and Product Management as well and am so grateful that my seniors both recognized my interest and supported me in transitioning to a Product and Analytics Manager in the company today.

The journey so far has been full of opportunities, I met some wonderful people and can proudly say that we’re all set to hit all the set future milestones to become the world’s largest B2B travel company.

Jaskaran Singh

Analytics & Product Manager