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How to Effectively use WhatsApp Business for Travel Agencies?

Discover the best ways to use WhatsApp Business in the Travel & Hospitality to enhance the customer journey. With the launch of the WhatsApp Business accounts, it has become the go-to channel for businesses looking to interact with customers.
By Simrandeep Kaur, Marketing

Hello there partner, thanks for clicking on to this link and showing interest in reading this blog. I am going to make sure that this is worth your time and will definitely illuminate you on this amazing God Sent Tool that can totally alter the way you conduct business.

WhatsApp has been around us from a very long time to totally overlook its importance when it comes to using it for your travel agency. This god gifted tool has so much potential, especially when it comes to WhatsApp Business  that it’s high time we start using it to its full potential.

In this blog I am going to go over some of the most important features of WhatsApp Business that you can utilize and ‘how to do it’ so that it help you grow you travel agency. We will be exploring solutions to problems such as:

  • Lead Generation for Travel Agency
  • Effective Communication for Travel Agency
  • Reducing Travel Lead Management Time
  • Feedback and After-Sale Services for Travel Agency

1. Messaging Tools

Well, WhatsApp Business has this amazing set of features under the heading ‘Messaging Tools’  that can totally upgrade your travel agency’s communication game if used properly. The first one is Away message. This allows your travel agency account to reply automatically when you are not available online to reply to any customer inquiry that you’ve received.

Now you must be thinking that you already know that, but how to use it?

By simply adding a polite and small introductory message about your travel agency here allow you to communicate to your potential customer what kind of travel business are you and how professional you can be in your operations.

Including links such as a lead gen form, your website URL, your Instagram and Facebook page in this message can allow your customer to interact with your social presence and gain more information about your agency.

Use this opportunity to really tell what the customers want to know about you before they go out and book their next holiday packages with your travel agency. The same strategy can be used for another feature called ‘Greeting Message’.

Similarly using the feature called ‘Quick replies’  can save your time in writing repetitive messages by adding a shortcut keyword that will generate an entire reply for your customer. This feature improves the amount of time you spend on a particular lead and improves your travel agency’s productivity as you can focus up the saved time on other important tasks.

Using ‘Labels’  for marking the conversation on the basis of lead status (Hot/warm/cold) you can spend appropriate amount of time in converting the potential lead into your next package sale.

Last but not the least, using ‘Short link’ that help you generate small URL that will be redirected toward your chat box which can be an effective lead gen medium. Use the link on Social media Pages and Emails for effective communication with your potential clients.

2. Catalogs

I cannot stress the importance of catalogs enough when it comes to selling a holiday package to travelers. They work as a portable salesman of the destination that any customer can easily read and understand more about the destination.

Using the Catalog feature in WhatsApp Business, allow you to create ready-made packages that you deal in and share them with your customers at a click of button. Easy communication coupled with technology is the best combination and will help you convert more travel leads than ever.


WhatsApp Business is one of the largest used platforms for communication. It will be a crime for any business to not utilize its full potential, let alone the travel agencies.

It is apparently clear that using the features that we just discussed can significantly help you run your travel agency better and solve problems such us Lead Generation, Low response rate and Lower conversion rate.

However, I know that not one tool can take you to the next level of business. Social Media Presence, Travel Agency Website, a CRM and the right marketing tools can change the ball game altogether.

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