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4 Tips that will help you Sell any Destination with ease!

Learn the secrets to becoming the best travel salesman and selling a destination like a pro with these 4 tips! From selling like a native to using catalogs, these tricks will help you increase your sales and keep your business ball rolling. Read on to discover how to sell a destination better.
By Devansh Kalra, Marketing

Selling is an art. To make a customer realize that your product is the best out there and sell it for a profit is no piece of cake.

The salesperson needs to ensure that the customers go home satisfied with your product and you keep your business ball rolling.

When talking about a travel agency, it is a different ballgame altogether.

This is because you are selling them an experience. Selling an experience necessitates you to take your selling game to the next level. No worries, we got you covered!

Here are 4 Tips that will enable to you become the best salesman and will teach you “How to sell a Destination better?”

1. Sell it like a native!

Well, don’t worry. We are not asking you go and live down at the destination that you are selling.

The key point is to know a destination like you are the native to the destination.

You need to know the destination in and out – what sells what not! You also need to know what attracts customers and what are some of the sightseeing/activity options that sell the most.

Attend destination learning webinars that TravClan has conducted for your benefit.

A lot of Tourism Board also has Destination Expert Programs which allows travel agents to learn about the destination step by step and make you a destination expert!

2. Know the Purpose!

Knowing the sole reason of travel for the traveler allows a travel agent to think in the right direction.

The type of inclusion that you might want to offer to your client depends a whole lot more on the purpose of his/her travel.

Being aware and asking the right questions from the traveler can give you concise information and will help you significantly in terms of providing the best package options at the right cost.

This not only saves time you spent on each inquiry but also increases your chances to sell the destination to them.

So, next time you are taking a query, make sure to include details such as the purpose of travel to be the best travel salesman out there.

3. Use Pictures and Videos

Using pictures and videos of the destination and various segments while selling a destination aid a travel agent to better convince the traveler of the type of inclusions that you are offering.

Showing a simple video tour of a particular activity in Bali (for example) will help the traveler visualize the type of experience that he/she might get and will instill in them the desire even more.

This way they will be able to see what they will be paying for and will make your work a tad bit easier.

4. Sell with Catalogues

Offering a service for sale is like selling thin air to the customers. Using catalogs can solve this problem to major extent.

Catalogs are a perfect way to give information to your client about a particular destination and sell them effectively.

It contains all the relevant information about each and every activity that can be experienced, the type of hotel options available and the type of price point that the traveler is expected to pay.

They work as a portable salesman of the destination that any customer can easily read and understand more about the destination.

Using catalogs in your day to day selling interaction with the customer will give you an edge over and above other travel agents in your locality because they are using those traditional methods of selling!

We hope that using these 4 mantras, you will be able to sell any destination better.

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