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How to choose the perfect Maldives resort for your customer

Choosing resorts in Maldives is tough as there are many options from affordable to luxury.
By Devansh Kalra, Marketing
Best Maldives resort

Maldives has become a location of choice for tourists looking for their honeymoon destination or a romantic getaway. While the proximity of the country is one factor, what makes it a favorite destination is the beautiful beaches and the private island resorts which offer a world of options to the guests.

However, over the years, 100s of resorts have cropped up on private islands in Maldives which makes it very difficult for travel agents to suggest the most appropriate resort to their customers and create a memorable experience for them. Also, Maldives as a location has lesser complexity in terms of the absence of land-part in planning since people majorly book private resorts where it is the resort’s responsibility to ensure a pleasurable trip. So which are the factors one should keep in mind while recommending the resort and booking it?

1. Budget:

While deciding any trip, the cost becomes the most important deciding factor for the customers which the agent has to gather and build a quote accordingly. Maldives has a variety of options- from a 3 star resort to a 5 star with varying costs which also reflect in the facilities available.

Therefore, depending on the budget, you can recommend your customers anything starting from USD 600 for a 3 star resort to whatever max their budget satisfies.

2. Meal Plans

Since one is confined within the resort throughout the stay, meal options become an important factor while deciding on the resort. Resorts in Maldives generally have the following meal options:

Food becomes an important factor in Maldives

Along with the meal plans, one should also check the restaurants available on the resort so that the customers have a variety of options. One important point might be to check the availability of Vegetarian and Indian food as some resorts might have Indian chefs which is a preferred choice among Indian tourists.

3. Activities available

Since Maldives is a beach location, it also provides tourists an option to indulge in water sports and water rides. Some resorts offer special water activities like Snorkeling, Dolphin watching etc. Of course these things depend on the resort location and factors like presence of house reef or not. Therefore, while choosing the resort for your customers, do keep in mind their preferences for such activities and the availability of the same at the resort.

4. Kind of accommodation

People prefer Water Villa or Beach Villa based on their preferences

The Water Villas and Beach Villas are the two most common resort room types in the Maldives. The Water Villas are mostly huts built out in the open sea, while the Beach Villas are built on the sandy beach, facing the sea. Then there some extra options available at some resorts like Honeymoon villa, Water Villa with Sauna etc. which cost a little extra.

5. Accessibility to Male and transfers

Seaplane transfer

After arrival at Hulhule airport in Male, one has to transfer to the resort either by a speedboat or ferry or a seaplane. Depending on the resort you choose, the transfer can be as short as 10 minutes by boat or as long as an hour by seaplane, depending on the distance.

Depending on the resort and its distance from Male, the transfer can be as short as 10 minutes by boat or as long as an hour by seaplane. For example, some might prefer Centara Ras Fushi or Paradise Island Resort or Adaaran Prestige Vadoo due to their proximity to Male and hence less time spent in travel. Seaplanes are considered a little premium since they offer beautiful views of atolls and blue sea while at the same time the entire experience is an adventure. However, while selecting seaplane for your guest, keep in mind that they don’t fly at night so if flights are late at night or early morning, guests will have to stay at the airport or Male city.

Maldives being a destination where there are little issues of land becomes an easy destination to sell to the customers. Keeping the above points in mind, travel agents can decide the best resort for their customers depending on their requirements.

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