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How to become the best Travel Agent out there?

"Want to be the best travel agent out there? Learn the top tips from TravClan on building lasting customer relationships, ethical practices, and more. Read on to discover how you can set your travel agency apart from the rest."
By Amisha Sharma, Growth Marketer

Hello there travel partner. It’s great to see you again.

Well, being a travel agent can be tough, being innovative and fresh in your approach is something that we need to constantly improve upon to be able to keep our customers happy and our business on the right track.

It takes time, genuine effort, and the correct direction.

Well, worry not, your friend at TravClan got you covered!

We understand that being in a Service-Oriented Industry like Travel and Tourism, there are a lot more than just smooth transactions that you as a service provider needs to take care of.

So here are the Top things that you can do which will make you the Best Travel Agent out there:

1. KYC – Know Your Customer, a little extra...

Knowing your customers does not only mean knowing their contact details or an email id or having the home addresses that help YOU more than them to conduct business. But it’s about knowing theme on a personal level apart from the transaction.

Having personal contact with your customers allows you to be in a position where you can be extra careful while planning their trips, considerate about selecting itineraries, and humble while doing repeat business with them.

This adds little extra to your transactional relationship and builds trust which fosters long-lasting relationships.

2. Accept Your Mistakes and Correct It

Yes, you read it right.

Accepting your mistakes when it comes to the service industry is very important because it gives you the opportunity to correct them as well.

Being adamant when you mess up will cost you and your business much more than accepting your mistake will.

If during your entire conversation, there were things that you committed and were not able to fulfill due to lack of knowledge, experience, or any other factor, ACCEPT IT!

Most importantly improve it going forward – Whether it’s giving an extra discount on their next booking, a small refund of the amount originally paid, or a simple apology.

All these little gestures will go a long way in building your travel agency brand unique from others and increase the Customer Lifetime Value.

3. Be Ethical

It goes without saying that one should be ethical when it comes to business.

It is even more important in the service industry. And When we talk about Travel (something people do for leisure/work/relaxation/passion), you would not want to land in the bad books of even a single customer.

So, always have some basic business ethics that you decide for yourself, qualities, and principles for you and follow them irrespective of which customer you are dealing with.

Being an Honest, Caring, Law-Abiding, and fulfilling commitments kind of an organization will help you multiply your customers and hence the profits easily.

4. Your Customers = Your Family

Treat your customers like you would treat your family.

This may sound a bit farfetched, but treating your customers like your family is something that will help you see the bigger picture clearly.

This will allow you to make decisions that are genuinely correct for your customers and your business.

Wishing them on festivals and on their birthday’s also comes under this. So what if they haven’t booked with you for the past one year.

You as a business should always look out for your customers so that you can become the best travel agency out there.

So partner, follow these simple tips and suggestion to become the best travel agency out there.

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