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Grow Your Travel Agency Business With TravClan Powered Website – Part 2!

By Manoj Tudu, Marketing

As we reach the second and final part of the Grow Your Business With TravClan Powered Website blog series, we already know the importance of having a website for travel agencies.

We started with a bunch of cool and exciting features that your personalized travel agency website gets but the list didn’t end there!

Let us now explore the rest of the unique features of TravClan powered websites and see how you can use it to expand your travel business!

1. Integrated Payment Gateway

Integrated Payment Gateway

Your customer visits your website, inquires about a package, and even wants to book through you but doesn’t do that just because your website lacks the payment gateway section. Feels awful, right?

Having a travel agency website without any online payment option may ultimately drive away your potential customers and you will lose out on many business opportunities.

So wait no more, get your payment gateway integrated website for smooth, hassle-free transactions!

2. Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Social media is of great importance, especially if you are a travel agent. It’s a place where you can easily connect and communicate with your customers and build that crucial engagement.

Linking your social media handles to your website gives a feeling of trust and transparency to your customers! They can also see your latest deals or offers you post on your Facebook, Instagram, or twitters.

Hence, TravClan gives you the functionality to embed your social media links on your website so that your customers can easily follow and connect with you.

3. AI Chatbot

AI Chatbot

AI Chatbot is the latest and most exciting technology for businesses. Now your websites can capture the leads even when you are away with automatic replies.

Now you won’t ever miss any potential customer if you have embedded this amazing functionality on your website.

TravClan powered websites come with a built-in chatbot feature and the best part is that you get this ultra-modern website at zero cost.

Minimal Efforts, Maximum Result!

4. Add Custom Page

Add Custom Page

So you are someone who also provides niche services and you want to show and promote it on your website?

Say No More!

TravClan powered website gives you the functionality to create your own custom page which will be featured in the Know Us section.

Visit the TravClan portal and create your own custom page in a few clicks. Fill in a catchy title, add a description, upload an image and you are ready to go!

5. Customizable Design

Customizable Design

Gone are the days when you needed to contact your website provider for each and every change.

With TravClan powered website you can make your website look the way you want yourself!

You can choose from 35+ stunning templates, update the banner images and text. Along with that, you are free to update the pictures and text in your deals and packages yourself.

Thus, TravClan powered website gives you the freedom to manage your website.

Know more about how easily you can customize and personalize your travel agency website in a few clicks!

Now that we have covered the exciting features that your website gets, what are you waiting for?

Get your TravClan Powered Personalized Website at Zero Cost today! Connect with us now!

Fill Out The Form Below And Build Your Web Presence Today!

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