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Common Mistakes to avoid as a Travel Agent: Part II

This blog outlines common mistakes that travel agents make and how to avoid them. From miscommunication to lack of research, this article provides valuable insights for travel agents to enhance their services and improve customer satisfaction.
By Devansh Kalra, Marketing

As we reach the second and final part of the ‘Common mistakes to avoid as a Travel Agents’ , we already know that mistakes are bound to happen during the life-cycle of any business but what’s important is to put your best foot forward!

While most mistakes are reversible or do not lead to any major loss. Some, however, are a little more complex in nature and can cost you a good amount of time, money or even customers! Therefore, it is important to stay vigilant and avoid them in all possible ways.

Whether you’re new to the Tourism industry or an experienced Travel Agent, it’s always good to know the slips beforehand.

Listed below are the common mistakes to avoid as a Travel Agent Part – II:

1. Strive to be a Travel Solution and not just an Agent

Probably the most common mistake travel agents make is to limit themselves to being an agent and not a Travel solution. Personalize, customize and evolve with the market.

Focus on relationship building. Strive to be the go-to person your travelers would trust and keep returning to for all their travel inquiries. That’s how you stand out from the rest!

Like TravClan, you too can keep your customers updated with everything new happening in the travel market – be it the latest deals, new products, changing travel guidelines during COVID and a lot more!

Get your TravClan powered CRM and website on a Lifetime Free Plan and share the daily news, deals and posters with your agency name and logo on a regular basis!

2. Not cross-checking everything

A very important habit that every travel agent must adopt is to double or even triple check the details every time a booking gets confirmed. It is very common to miss a digit or a letter here and there which can lead to a lot of trouble and can even ruin your customer’s trip!

For example, A small fault in digits can change the flight timings from AM to PM and can cause a lot of inconvenience to the customers. So cross-checking everything is a must!

3. Avoiding Communication

Trips you organize for your customers might not always go as planned. Making a mistake is not the end of the world. While avoiding or delaying communication with your clients might seem like an easier option, it however, does strain the relationship and trust you share with them.

Do not avoid communication. Your honesty and accountability will make your customers forgive and understand you quicker than you think.

4. Not Learning and Updating Enough

Being in the dynamic Travel Industry, it is extremely important for every agent to keep an eye and upgrade himself from time to time with new learning and changes in the market.

Do not restrict yourself to a particular way of working and dealing.

Stay vigilant to the changes happening in the Industry. Keep on evolving learning, updating, and educating yourself to be a better travel agent. This can turn out to be extremely crucial for your success.

5. Overburdening With Options

It is also due to the great number of holiday options available for each destination that travellers finally turn to the agents for a perfect vacation.

While offering multiple options is great, do not overwhelm the customers by overloading them with options!

Know what the customer needs and suggest accordingly. Try explaining with pictures, videos, and graphics to help them understand better and then compile the best ever holiday experience for them!

At TravClan, you can connect with over 500+ verified suppliers for all your domestic and international requirements and pick the best deals for your customers!

6.  Expecting clients to come forward

You are wrong if you think that customers would come looking for you! One of the most common mistakes Travel Agents make is to wait for the clients to show up, not realizing how important it is to aggressively market and increase the reach of their business first.

In the world of online bookings, spread the word about your business and let your clients know that you’re worthy of their time and money!

With all the above-mentioned points, we come to the end of the second part of the ‘Common Mistakes to avoid as a Travel Agent’.

By being aware and consciously making an attempt to avoid these mistakes and building the right work practices you will be on your way to building a brand your customers will love!

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