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Common Mistakes to avoid as a Travel Agent: Part I

This blog discusses some common mistakes made by travel agents and how to avoid them. From not listening to clients' needs to failing to communicate effectively, these tips can help travel agents provide better service to their customers
By Amisha Sharma, Growth Marketer

Starting, running and managing a business alone is a complex task irrespective of who you are or what you plan to accomplish. Being a Travel Agent is a difficult job, even more so if you work as an independent travel agent. As an independent agent, you alone are required to figure out the dos and don’ts in your job and drive your business towards success.

While making mistakes and learning from them is an important ongoing process, there certainly are some common mistakes that a lot of travel agents keep on repeating.

In an attempt to help you identify these common mistakes and to turn them into small pieces of wisdom for you, we are listing below the common mistakes that often go unnoticed while working as an agent, part-I:

1. Insufficient Contact Information

With multiple social media platforms and marketing tools easily accessible today, a lot of promotion and marketing work is now being done online to drive traffic and build a brand. However, a lot of times, we miss putting sufficient contact information for people who view our profiles to connect with us.

An easy way to avoid this is to try directing people from your social media to your website.

2. Not having a Website

The second and extremely important mistake agents often overlook or not consider important is not having a website! No matter how new or old you are in the business, a website for you is a must-have. It wins you great credibility in the market.

Your travel website is not only the most vital source of information for tourists but is also the supreme sales channel for your travel business. Therefore, there is nothing more important when it comes to providing information and driving sales. 

TravClan powered Website is the one stop solution for all your website requirements, watch the following video to understand why:

3. Content Filtration

While using the various social media platforms for your business, make sure to not mix personal and professional content together. Mixing travel business content with your personal posts distracts the customer and also seems unprofessional.

The best hack is to have two separate accounts for business and personal uses!

Through the TravClan powered CRM, we provide you with the best business content: videos, deals, posters, etc to simply download and share with your customers with your own agency name, price & logo.

4. Unorganized Emails

Make sure to avoid careless email errors while sending formal communications to clients. Spelling and grammatical errors are common but these can, at times, even send unclear or even wrong messages to your clients.

Try using the Grammarly tool to catch any mistake you might otherwise miss. 

5. Not Being Available

What still gives travel agents an edge over any other booking website is the support and availability that comes from an agent. While timely breaks from work are fine, make sure to be available and easily approachable to your clients. This is how you make your clients stick around.

6. Overlooking Feedbacks and Complaints

Being in the competitive travel industry, you should never ignore any feedback or complaint you receive from your clients.

Be open to feedback and suggestions and work on them, because if you won’t then some other Travel Agent will. Do not avoid any customer complaints. Provide immediate support wherever possible.

The above mentioned seemingly simple tips can have long-lasting effects on your business and can make you a go-to person for your customers for all their business requirements.

In the world of internet and online booking platforms today, it is your service that makes the customer feel secure by booking through you. Let your service speak volumes about you.

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