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5 Things to Avoid on a Travel Agency Website – Part 2!

Is your travel agency website driving away customers? Avoid these mistakes and attract more clients! Part two of our essential guide.
By Yukta Arora, Marketing

We hope you’ve already gone through the first part of the ‘The Things to avoid on a Travel Agency Website’. Taking this important topic ahead, listed below are the next five essential but a bit complex things to keep in mind while building your own travel agency website.

1. Information Overload

Data has proven that around 40 percent of customers leave a website because they get overwhelmed with the number of options available. While customers have the tendency to switch tabs and compare details to find their perfect holiday package, the information provided should be crisp, clear and easy to absorb!

Categorize your information, use icons and images and provide only the relevant details!

2. Ill Structured Itineraries

Another important point that clearly indicates your seriousness towards your business through your website is the presentation of your content. Make sure to have well-structured itineraries ( preferably day-wise itineraries) with clear pictures of the destination to help your customer in the decision making.

Apart from the names of the cities,  try including the names of hotels, services, meal plans, travel time between destinations, the list of activities a customer would be doing, etc. This not only provides a clear picture of the trip planned, but also your knowledge of the destination.

3. Unnecessary Calls-To-Action

If you want your customer to click on your CTA and take the next action then it’s important for you to place those CTAs at the right opportunities. A user should know the importance of the CTA before clicking it. Avoid putting unnecessary and uninvited CTAs on your website.

Have specific and easily understandable CTAs which are placed at a distance. Also, have a clear process that runs after a CTA is clicked!

4. Taking Too Long to Load

It’s important to ensure that everything on your website runs quickly because a slow site can be really frustrating. A few things that make your website load slowly can be large image sizes, inefficient web hosting packages, too much traffic etc. Make sure to go for decent hosting services and use optimized images to make your website fast on all devices.

5. Not analyzing your website

Even though it’s not something your customers see, keeping a check on your website analytics is very very important! It helps you track your website, the number of visitors, the time they spend on your website, the source they’re coming from and more such important information.

By keeping track of this data, you can also identify the points from where your visitors drop off from the website. This helps you plan the course of your website, it’s data, the type of content and information to display beforehand and ensure the maximum engagement for your future visitors.

Now if you’re looking for a one-stop solution to all these problems, then congratulations because you’re exactly where you need to be!

We at TravClan help you Travel agents in setting up the website you need for free! A beautiful, user-friendly and timely updated website you wouldn’t have to worry about.

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