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5 Things to Avoid on a Travel Agency Website – Part 1!

Is your travel website losing potential customers? Learn the top 5 mistakes to avoid and how to convert visitors into leads with our simple guide. Plus, get a free, user-friendly website for your travel business from TravClan. Read on to find out more!
By Manoj Tudu, Marketing

It’s hard to think of someone who doesn’t love to travel! With the enormous amount of sources available on the internet today, exploring travel options is now accessible to everyone.

Making travel plans is often the most exciting part for a traveler and any traveler would naturally resist an online source that isn’t attractive enough or adds up to their doubts and confusion.

It’s estimated that by the year 2040, 95% of purchases will be made online. (Source: Nasdaq) Hence, the traditional way of making personal visits to a travel agent is gradually being replaced by online bookings.

This makes it extremely important for any travel agent to assure that the quality delivered on a visit to your travel website is nothing less than a personal visit to your office.

Your travel website is nothing but a digital representation of your travel business.

So we already know how important it is to have a website in today’s time but what’s equally important is to know what or what not should you have on your website. Here’s a simple guide for you to know the basic things you should avoid on your travel website:

1. Poor Images

Would you prefer buying something that doesn’t appeal to you?

One of the most important elements in any Travel website is the pictures. Avoid having poor quality pictures on your website. Choose clear, high-quality pictures that can hold the attention of the visitors. This is a huge factor that can help you convert the visitors on your website into potential leads or even actual customers!

2. Too many technicalities!

No customer would like to take undue pressure while planning their holidays. Avoid adding too many technicalities or seeking unnecessary information.

Remember, everyone who visits your website is a potential customer! Keep the information easy to understand, short and clear. That’s how you keep the visitors engaged once they are in your digital shop!

3. False/ Incorrect Details

Every seller wants to sell better but never compromise on your authenticity and transparency in order to sell more!

Do not over-promise when you cannot deliver the same. Do not mention any wrong details or display any fake pictures related to the services, the prices, the destinations on your website.

Avoid promoting any false discounts and service offers to get leads. Any false information can bring your credibility into question and can eventually lead to you losing customers.

4. Outdated / No contact information

The contact information on your website should be thoroughly updated. Not having any contact/ wrong contact information is the biggest blunder you can make on your website!

It can make anyone question the authenticity of your business and leaves no way for the public to contact you, even when they plan to book with you!

Therefore, make sure your contact details are updated and if possible, share links to your social media handles as well as it is a great way to gain customers’ trust.

5. Expired Deals & Packages

Not only the contact information should be up to date but also the products, deals and services you are offering.

Avoid having any expired deals and rates on your website. It leads to confusion and also wastes your customer’s time. You wouldn’t sell an expired package when a customer visits you so you might as well not put it for sale on your website!

We at TravClan help you Travel agents in setting up the website you need for free! A beautiful, user-friendly and timely updated website you wouldn’t have to worry about. Get the best deals from the best suppliers from across the world and take your online travel business to the next level today!

Drop-in your details in the form below to connect with us!

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