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4 Reasons Why Customer Reviews Are Important For Your Travel Agency!

Positive reviews provide credibility and visitors are more likely to return during the lifecycle of their travel decision. Even prior to the purchase decision phase, travelers use online reviews in their travel planning process.
By Harnoor Singh, Marketing

“A Customer Talking About Their Experience With You Is Worth Ten Times That Which You Write Or Say About Yourself”

– David J. Greer

“Customer Feedback is Important”, “You cannot afford to not listen to your customers”, “Companies who listen to their customers grow faster”, “Customer Is God”. I’m pretty sure that you have come across such phrases many times.

These phrases, rather facts, become all the more important, especially when you operate in the Travel & Hospitality space which is entirely based on services.

For travel agencies, their customers’ experience is all that matters!

Customer reviews i.e. the happiness and satisfaction of your customers are therefore the most important factors that ultimately determine the success of your travel agency business!

Let’s delve a little deeper and know more about the relevance of customer reviews for a Travel Agency –

1. People Trust People

People Trust People

Gone are the days when people used to turn to the lifestyle section of a newspaper to read reviews or determine their purchase behavior on the basis of reviews by a professional critic.

Nowadays, people turn to online and like-minded people’s reviews while looking for any product or service. Your potential customers feel these reviews to be more real and relatable!

90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business and nearly 9 in 10 consumers consider online review is as important as a personal recommendation.

Hence, there is a huge probability that good reviews from previous customers can certainly add new ones to your list.

2. Room For Improvement

Customer reviews act as guide support and indicate how your services are and highlight the scope for improvement at places you cannot otherwise think of.

Don’t shy away from negative reviews. Negative reviews are actually the ones that tell you what you’re probably doing wrong or maybe in a way that is most preferred by a certain set of customers.

By listening to such feedback, you actually get the opportunity to work on the lapses and shortcomings, and improve the quality of your travel agency services! You will be able to understand the psychology of different sets of customers which can help you tremendously in the long run.

Also a small tip here: Never have a defensive attitude even if the fault is not yours. The feelings of your customers are legitimate. Use this opportunity to offer advice and show your expertise and professionalism. It will go a long way!

3. The Customer Feels Important

The Post-Purchase behavior of your traveler, wherein he writes a review regarding your services is not a mere formality! Your customer is dedicating his time and energy to review your services.

The least you can do is – acknowledge the review and appreciate your customers for writing it.

Just doing this little step of acknowledging your customers’ efforts will make them feel important and heard and will also improve your customer retention rate.

4. Optimizes Your Website

Optimizes Your Website

Yes, you heard that right!

If your website has the functionality of featuring online reviews, then it will be good even for your website’s Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

Search engine spiders crawl the content that is updated regularly. So, if your website has customer reviews and your competitor does not, then search engines will prefer your website as it is more dynamic and looks more real.

Hence, search engines will give you better organic results and rank you higher, if you have the functionality to feature online reviews.

Now that you know how important customer reviews are for your travel agency business, go ahead – Ask your customers to post reviews for your business and services, address them, and grow your business.

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