Top 3 Things To Do For A Higher Conversion Rate in a Travel Agency!

Boost Your Travel Sales with These Easy-to-Follow Steps for Higher Conversion Rates!
By Harnoor Singh, Marketing

The only mantra for growth in the Travel Industry is to reach more customers and sell them effectively to achieve higher conversion rates.

While we have covered the former topic to some extent in our previous blogs, let us dive right into the latter and understand, How to get a Higher Conversion Rate?

Achieving a high conversion rate on your traveler’s lead is fairly simple if a few key points are kept in mind.

These key points when used effectively reap the benefits for the travel agency to convert almost all the leads that one submits.

They not only help in getting higher conversion on travel leads but also allow travel agents to focus their time and energy on leads that have the highest chances of conversion.

Following are a few simple easy to follow steps that will help you get a higher conversion rate and will make you the best travel salesman out there:

1. Ask for details (not too much though)

It is very important for any travel agency to understand the type of customers they are dealing with, their purpose of travel, and some special requirements that they might be looking for.

For this, a travel agent needs to make it a point to collect enough information from the onset to help the traveler better in terms of pricing and inclusions that you offer.

Apart from collecting information like dates of travel, no of pax, and destination, It is also important to know the following:

– Purpose of Travel (Honeymoon, leisure, family outing, business)

Special Expectations (if any)

– Budget/Flexibility of Budget

Now we also need to keep in mind that asking for too many details over an online form or through social media might discourage the traveler to submit the lead altogether.

We need to strike off the perfect balance. A place which helps the travel agent understands the requirement and provides an appropriate quote.

2. Call Immediately (Fix up a meeting)

The next most important factor that determines your conversion rate is how soon you were able to fulfill the traveler’s requirement.

Contacting the customer as soon as he/she submits the lead allows you an edge over the other competitors because at the time the customer is reading and learning about destination and other travel agency options.

Calling them immediately or fixing up a meeting at the earliest will significantly increase your chances of conversion because it will allow very little time for the customer to look elsewhere learn about the competitors as well.

Also, it shows the traveler how customer-centric your travel agency is and how effective you are in your operations.

As they say, First Impression is the Last Impression!

3. Go digital with Your Experiences!

As the world is fast pacing into the digital world with all our experiences becoming digital, it is important that the travel industry should also do the same.

Right from lead gen, having conversations with the client, collecting payments, and pretty much everything that needs to be done in order to complete the sale should be conducted online.

Being online just provides the flexibility and ease to the customers in which they can reach out to you for any query, question, or suggestion for your travel agency from the comfort of their homes.

Obviously, you need to keep in mind the tech-savvy nature of the clients as well. How comfortable they are with technology is also a key factor to think about in this scenario.

All in all, going digital will help you convert your customers quickly, reduce the average time spent on each customer, and hence effectively manage the leads you receive to get a higher conversion rate!

If you are looking to take your travel agency online, fill the form below and TravClan Team will help you Build a Website for Your Travel Agency!

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