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Avoid These Things If You Want To Generate More Leads

Is your travel business struggling to stay afloat in the age of eCommerce? Discover the common mistakes you're making and how to fix them in our latest article! From limited online presence to unengaging visuals, we've got you covered. Read on to boost your conversion rate and thrive in the industry.
By Harnoor Singh, Marketing

Being in the travel industry is one of the trickiest things to be – courtesy of huge competition, varying needs of customers, etc. and with the incoming of eCommerce in the travel industry, it has become all the more difficult to ensure stability and profitability!

With all these challenges, it becomes extremely important to have a better conversion rate, in order to survive and thrive.

Here’s what you’re probably doing wrong (and how to fix it) –

1. Limited Or No Online Presence

As we move forward to post-COVID times, the world has and is changing rapidly. Not having a strong online presence, be it on social media platforms or your travel website can cost your business a fortune!

Studies suggest that around 70% of customers will shift to online travel agencies and therefore having a personalized website right now is a necessity for your travel agency.

Put up your packages and deals online and share them with the help of social media tools like Facebook and Instagram to connect to new customers every day.

Spending money on creating a website giving you woes? Don’t worry TravClan’s got you covered! You can get a LIFETIME FREE website that can be customized as per your needs and requirements!

2. Long and Unnecessary Prerequisites

Don’t overwhelm your customer with loads of information. Keeping the required information simple and easy to understand increases the chance of conversion exponentially.

If a customer feels like you’re asking for unnecessary information, it might create friction in the sales process and the customer might drop out. Simple and crisp information is the key!

3. Non-utilisation of Marketing Resources

There are tons of tried and tested marketing resources present out there, waiting to be explored by you! You can start by focusing on something as simple as WhatsApp marketing or email marketing and move on to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the list goes on!

All of these platforms are equally relevant in reaching out to new customers, generating interest, and attracting them to your products. If done well, these marketing tools not only ensure a higher conversion rate but also a high retention rate.

Read more about Email Courtesy For Travel Agents to step up your Email marketing game!

4. Using Unengaging Images And/Or Videos

The visual representation of your website, packages or itinerary plays the most vital role in capturing the interest of the customers. Use of unattractive, blurry, or irrelevant images and videos fails to generate curiosity, interest, or desire to travel in the customers and the chances of them booking that package through you reduces significantly.

Customers buy what they like! The use of good quality relevant images and videos enhances the experience of your users and also the probability of them to submit a lead.

5. Missing Out On Customer Customisation

Each customer is different and behaves differently! Hence, if one customer likes something, it might not necessarily be preferred by the other. Having a rigid and non-customizable option for customers can cost you many potential business leads.

Therefore, always be ready with backup options and offer plenty of alternatives in terms of activities, hotels, or prices to choose from. The little flexibility to modify the package will make you understand the customers better and ensure that you don’t miss out on any potential customer!

6. Not Engaging Enough

There is always a chance of you getting business from where you don’t expect! Therefore you must utilize every opportunity you get to talk about your business –  be it in informal gatherings or parties.

Talking with people and expanding your network, not only helps you meet potential customers but can also help you advertise your business via word of mouth.

Here is a tip: always keep your business cards handy, so that people can recall it long after meeting you!

Lastly, acknowledging what you probably might be doing wrong and putting in sincere efforts to make the change is the most important way to succeed in any walk of life.

So buckle up and start working on the things you are missing out on. We assure you if you work on just these six aspects, you will generate more leads but also get better conversions. Hope this helps you bounce back quickly post-pandemic!

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