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Benefits of Flight API on your website!

For an online travel website, Flights API becomes important to automate your flight bookings
By Yukta Arora, Marketing

Almost everyone today prefers to travel by flight over any other mode of transportation. A travel website portal without a flight API feels incomplete. Therefore to provide a comprehensive travel solution and a great customer experience having flight API integrated on your travel website is a must.

Best rated travel agencies integrate APIs into their travel websites to deliver complete travel solutions right from one location.

Benefits of having flight API on your travel website

In line with its objective to make the life of the travel agents easier, TravClan provides a high-performing flight API making it the best API integration in the travel industry.

Flight API not only allows your travelers to book tickets but also displays detailed flight information, including departure/arrival times, pricing, available seats, flight statuses, etc. This can greatly enhance customer trust and help you build a loyal audience.

Our flights API features quite extensive functionality. Here are the benefits of having flight api on your website:

1. Reach out to a large audience

Flight API to allow you to reach the maximum number of travelers and business partners.It enables you to have an updated inventory of flights and display the best available flight options to the customers.

Integration will increase your business revenue, improve efficiency, and boost business productivity.

2. Cost effective

It reduces your operating costs, helps you grow and capture new market opportunities in real-time. With the help of flight api you can sell a huge inventory of on-site flights effortlessly.

3. Seamless booking process

API integrations permit travel agencies to facilitate uninterrupted flight booking experiences as it centralizes the booking process for the end-user.

4. Improves Customer Engagement & Retention

When a customer lands on your travel website to search for a flight reservation, APIs ensure that the customer is not redirected to another travel website. API integrations ensure that your travel agent collects all the payments via secure gateways. Good payment gateways instill trust while booking and establish the travel agent as a brand in front of customers

These are some of the major benefits that your business can drive from integrating flight API on your travel website. Travel agents can learn more about the Flights API and get started on the process from here.

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