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7 Must Follow Practical Tips To Increase Conversion Rate!

Don't let potential customers slip away! Discover the secrets to creating a user-friendly website, highlighting your unique selling points, and optimizing your Call-to-Action to boost your conversion rate in the travel industry. Read on to find out more!
By Devansh Kalra, Marketing

The 2 major building blocks that define the success of your business are Leads Generation and Good Conversion.

While the general rule of thumb says that –  Higher the number of leads generated, the higher is the probability of conversion. But the chances of visitors landing on your travel website to look for flights and accommodation, and then randomly leaving without booking are also very high!

Hence, ensuring that you not only generate leads but also have a good conversion rate becomes a key challenging factor!

Now that you know what are the things you need to avoid if you want to Generate More Leads, let us now look at some of the best Practical Tips if you want your conversion rate to skyrocket!

1. User-Friendly Experience

Studies suggest that 70% of customers will shift to online travel agencies! Since your website is gonna be the first point of contact for your users, hence your website should provide the best possible experience.

If a customer faces a bad experience, then the chances of him booking through you reduce significantly!

Also, most of the users today prefer to make purchases via their smartphones. Hence ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly will give you an added boost!

2. Highlight Your Unique Selling Point

Your travel agency no doubt has something unique to offer to your clients. You know what it is that sets you above the rest, but are you emphasizing this enough on your website?

Let your potential customers know why they are better off buying from you and highlight those points where they can be seen.

Adding testimonials and customer reviews is another great hack that will increase the trust of your potential customers and they will feel more comfortable while dealing with you!

3. Customizable Package Options

Providing your user with functionalities like the flexibility to customize a package for themselves will not only help you have a better understanding of your customers’ needs but will also increase the chances of their conversion!

If your customer is looking for a destination package, suggesting to them some of the add-ons like flights, transfers can help you increase your revenue as well!

4. Strengthen Your CTA

Your Call-to-Action plays a very important role in determining your conversion rate. Having a strong and visible CTA increases the chance of getting more clicks!

Generic CTA’s probably won’t give you the best conversion rate. Therefore, spend a few minutes to improve the CTA.

For example: Starting with a CTA that starts with the word “Yes.” is highly effective psychologically because it paints the offer in a positive light.

You Can Try this: Yes I Want [Your Offer]!

5. Secured Payment Gateway

Customers visit your website. They like your offerings. They even inquire about packages, flights, hotels, etc. But they still don’t purchase from you?

Lacking a secured payment gateway may be a prominent reason for this!

No matter how good your website is or how good your products and offers are, if a customer does not feel secure in transacting via your website, he/she will never purchase any package from you.

Hence, a secured payment gateway is a must-have!

6. Communicate Timely

Courtesy of strong online competition, your customer has hundreds of options to choose from. The inability to communicate timely may even lead to the loss of your business to your competitor!

Also, too much use of technical language hinders the communication process and makes it difficult for the customer to understand.

Hence, communicating timely and in an easy to understand manner is a must.

7. Use of A/B Testing

There’s no such thing as ‘perfect’ when it comes to your website, your packages, or your CTA, and the only way to understand what is working and what is not is to continually test.

Try to segregate your viewers and use different web pages, different CTA’s, different information for each group to check which group shows maximum interest and maximum conversion rate.

This will give you a brief idea about what is working and what is not!

We, at TravClan, always work towards building an environment that benefits you.

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