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5 Ways to Increase Sales in a Travel Agency

Constantly increasing sales in a tour operating company, especially as travel begins to return, should be the number one priority for any travel business.
By Simrandeep Kaur, Marketing

The days of feeling sorry for the Travel Industry are almost over and it’s high time to be prepped up for a stronger than ever come back.

TravClan brings to you 5 ways to increase business in 2021:

1. Social Media Presence – Get It Right

The numbers say it all – 70% of people acquire vacation ideas from platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

You got to engage with your audience on these platforms through interactive content so that when they  think of a vacation, they think of you. From inspiring blogs and latest deals to the travel trends in Bollywood, do it all.

While millennials are the most avid vacation-goers, they are also the most difficult to please. To get that right, follow the Golden Rule – ‘Experiences over anything’. Sharing other customers’ travel experiences through videos and fun graphics on social media handles could be the trick here.

2. Website- Get It Running Smooth

One of the first things a potential customer would do when they get to know about your agency is ‘Google’ you. Here lies the perfect opportunity to make a bang-on first impression with your website. Make sure that it catches the eye of every visitor.

Adorn it with beautiful videos, slide shows and 360 degree virtual tours . You can also showcase your current and past itineraries while highlighting what you specialize in.

Not only the travel website should be visually appealing, it should be easy to use by people of all age brackets and allow  a simple, clean web-based interaction.

In other words, the web design should be responsive – one is capable of exhibiting optimal functionality across all spectrum of devices – desktop, laptop, tablet, and more.

Don’t have a website yet? Get a free travel website now.

3. Be Flexible – Like Never Before

Commitment issues with future travel plans was something never heard of before 2020. Now, customers getting cold-feet days before their trip is quite common given the prevalent health situation.

Subscribing to a flexible cancellation policy coupled with irresistible alternatives for re-booking can be your ultimate Savior. Customers get the right confidence boost to click ‘Book’, knowing that they can get a refund whenever they want.

Be your customer’s strongest support, providing honest guidance keeping his safety at utmost priority and delivering an experience they’ll never forget. Even, collecting feedback from customers can be really helpful.

4. Stay Updated – Know It All

Customers need trustworthy advice and expertise for planning their trips now more than ever.

Be more than updated with the current travel news, trends, Covid guidelines, which all documents are required and in – general the health situation of any possible destination your customer could plan for. For all recent travel related information, download TravClan App.

There cannot be a better time to leverage your years of experience in this business to increase your sales. Sharing  pleasant experiences of your previous customers with the potential ones can help you win their trust even more.

5. Travel Packages – Align Them With Trends

Not everything that worked before the pandemic, works now. Once everyone’s favourite, busy down -town roads, hustling flea markets and jam-packed beaches are a strict No-No.

With people wanting to minimize human contact, staycations and drive aways to secluded properties away from the city is gaining popularity.

Therefore, knowing what’s trending and upgrading your products / services like customized travel packages in line with hygiene and safety considerations of traveler, can get you places.

Now if you’re looking for a one-stop solution for your Travel Agency Website, then congratulations because you’re exactly where you need to be!

You can get your Personalized TravClan Powered Website for free. Along with unique features like News Section, 350+ Preloaded Packages, Customer Reviews and Testimonials, it is also very user friendly.

Increase your reach & customer base from across the world and take your online travel business to the next level today with us!

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