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5 Call to Action To Build Your Travel Agency Facebook Page

Maximize your Facebook page's potential with these Travel and Tourism CTA examples - plus, discover how TravClan can take your online business to the next level!
By Amisha Sharma, Growth Marketer

Due to advanced targeting options, Facebook is a goldmine for reaching and engaging with the existing as well as new customers. Despite the current popularity of Facebook, many Travel Agents struggle with the appropriate use of CTA (Call to Action) for their business page.

In practice CTAs are very simple and straightforward: they simply encourage travellers to take action that you want them to do such as Sign Up, Download Now, Book Now, Contact Us, or Read More.

Listed below are examples of CTAs in Travel and Tourism!

1. Contact Information

If you want visitors on your Facebook page to gain more information about how to contact you through another form of contacts such as email or phone, then you can use:-

CTA- Get a call back, Contact Us, Send Email, Sign Up, Send Message, Join Us, subscribe

2. Special Deals and Offers

The next most popular opinion is to promote special Deals and Sales. Then you can target your audience to buy your products or services on your website.

CTA- Today’s specials, Special Discount, Book Now, See offer, View our X Trip, Last-minute Travel Now on Sale, Book by 31st Dec

 3. Read/ Watch Free Material

People love free material. Even sceptical customers are likely to click on the CTA button to check out of curiosity if the material is actually “Free”. So using CTAs that offer a supposedly valuable product at Zero Cost is a great option.

CTA- Sign Up for free, Try for Free, Free Trial, Our Guides for free, Claim your free Trial

4. Learn

If you want your visitors to learn what your company do or watch an informational video or Read more about Travel Business on your website, then you can use:-

CTA- Learn More, Watch Video, Know More, Click here to learn, View Features, Find Out More, Search

5. Download

Increase your mobile app download with effective CTA. You must use an appealing way to tell users to download the app.

CTA- Use App, Download App, Take Trial, Get App now

Use words like “Get” and “Try” instead of “Enter” and “Submit”. Also, use bright colours to draw the viewer’s attention.

In a nutshell, CTA plays a key role in converting a viewer into a customer. By working on these examples you can excel in attracting customers.

Now if you’re looking for a one-stop solution to Facebook marketing, then congratulations because you’re exactly where you need to be!

We at TravClan help you Travel agents in marketing your Facebook page! We provide personalised content such as Daily News, Destination Videos, Festive Greetings and much more!

Increase your reach & customer base from across the world and take your online travel business to the next level today with us!

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