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Tarraki ke Chaar Saal

We've recently completed 4 years and thanks to you, our community is bigger and more loyal than ever. Here's celebrating our partnership for many years ahead.
By Devansh Kalra, Marketing
TravClan travel agent partner

TravClan was registered on 1st October 2018. We as a company have completed 4 years, this year and to commemorate the same we are trying to recall how we started.

We started as a small company with a handful number of employees in the first quarter with an agenda of helping agents.

When we started it was nothing but a couple of WhatsApp groups. Today we have pivoted towards becoming one of the largest b2b portals. We are not just helping agents do their business on regular basis but are providing a platform where travel agents can find solutions to their day-to-day problems beyond business needs.

We have always been connected to the agent community, be it by helping them during the covid era when nothing was happening, we were still trying to keep businesses alive by maintaining a digital presence. Today, we are solving bigger questions like how to sell holidays and packages that are otherwise not on the mind of travel agents in the pre-travclan era.

The travel industry has experienced dynamic growth and it’s constantly changing. New Patterns are created like waves and TravClan is already ahead of those. We have worked towards creating a matrix within which you can build your businesses.

We have always talked about growing your business and this month has been a celebration of the same. Tarakki for you, for us. For many more years to come!

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We've recently completed 4 years and thanks to you, our community is bigger and more loyal than ever. Here's celebrat...

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