Partnership with Saudi Tourism

Saudi Arabia as a country is planning to be the next destination people visit. It has loads of options and since its not explored much, brings in a lot of opportunities.
By Harnoor Singh, Marketing
Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia now plans to rule the Travel Industry and is spending billions of dollars on projects to increase tourism to the kingdom. Their Campaign to rebrand as a complete holiday destination is the new hot topic of the industry and every travel company is somehow getting involved in the plan.

Saudi collaboration with TravClan

We have recently collaborated with Saudi Tourism Authority to Promote Tourism B2B Travel Space in India. This Strategic partnership is  a result of our penetration in the B2B Market especially in the Tier 2 & Tier 3 Cities.

Our Plan is to make the Travel Agent partners more aware & equipped to sell the destination and provide an ultimate experience to their client. We plan to do so by launching a series of offline events in association with the Saudi Tourism Authority in different parts of the country and releasing marketing videos for both B2B & B2C purposes to highlight the key sightseeing, culture & heritage of the kingdom to create a hype in the market.

Apart from this we are planning to launch extensive marketing campaigns and discounted offers during festival periods like Diwali, Christmas and New Year to divert the holiday travelers towards this new destination.

Simple Booking Process and 24*7 Support

Coming to the business point, our aim is to simplify the booking process for the destination to enable the agents to sell more and hence we have started the Instant Auto Quotation system and 24*7 Call Support. Sadly the Tourist VISA for Indians is just announced but has not yet come into place so only Indian Passport holders with US, UK or Schengen VISA.

Saudi Arabia is no longer a conservative place and is now planning to cash the opportunity of the football world cup happening in Qatar to attract tourism and provide a different experience to all the visitors. The Hospitality industry has been preparing for it for a very long time. This global event is going to be the biggest stage for Saudi tourism authority to showcase their true potential and grow the number of travelers coming to Saudi every year!

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