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Contracting Across Borders

As a company, we believe in giving best experience to our customers. Expanding our contracting and on-ground support in South East Asian Countries - Bali, Thailand and Singapore was a step in this direction.
By Yukta Arora, Marketing

Bali, Thailand and Singapore

Recently a few of our business heads went to Bali, Thailand, and Singapore to further strengthen our contracting. These are some of our top-selling destinations and all-year favourite destinations when it comes to packages. Culture, Beaches, Treks- Bali covers all of it and we cover all of Bali!

On-Ground Contracting in Bali

We now have on-ground contracting with over 150+ properties in Bali. We went there with the intention to understand the place and market better in order to provide better services and options to our travel partners.

We understood the process of buying tickets offline and explored more land components that can be included in packages moving forward. Along with this, we made sure to check out all the unexplored touristy places and the best streets for all the shopping needs.

We set up a stronger network for our transportation, which now enables us to offer you better price negotiations and services.

Offices in Bali and Singapore

Along with this, we now have a new office in Bali and Singapore. We want nothing but the best for our partners and we’re always striving to ensure the same, this will now be incorporated through regular inspections.

ITB Asia Event

We participated in the ITB Asia Event and connected with various other tourism boards to bring you the most trustworthy collaborations. Glad to inform you that we also have contracts with channel managers: an online portal for the availability of hotels along with an improvised inventory.

We now have a stronger on-ground hold and control over all the services we provide in these destinations and we only aim to serve you better in the coming time!

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