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How To Make The Most Of A FAM Trip!

Are you a travel agent looking to take your business to the next level? Learn about the importance of FAM trips and how to make the most of them with our expert tips. From building relationships to using first-hand experiences in your sales pitches, we've got you covered! Don't miss out on the chance to stand out in the competitive travel market. Contact us at TravClan to connect with over 350 verified suppliers around the world.
By Amisha Sharma, Growth Marketer

Every Travel agent knows how crucial FAM Trips are for his / her travel business. FAM trips stand for Familiarization Trips and these are one of the biggest perks of being a Travel Agent!

FAM trips are group tours organized by Travel Suppliers for Travel Agents (or anyone involved in selling the Travel Products), inviting them to the destination to have a first-hand experience of their products and services.

The following are the main purposes behind organizing a FAM trip:

a. To promote the products/services/property/destination

b. To educate the travel agents and help them sell better

c. To create awareness

d. To build relationships

So if you are a Travel Agent who wants to learn about a particular destination or a supplier or wants to stay updated with all the new products and services in the market, then FAM trips are all-important for you! This provides an educational experience and equips you with all the necessary information needed to sell that particular tourism product.

While on a FAM trip, an agent is required to participate in agent training sessions, seminars, guided tours around the property/ destinations and more such events. This makes it even more important to make the most of these trips and listed below are the tips for you to do so:

1. Observe Observe Observe!

The first and the most important rule to make the most of your FAM trip is to observe! Even the simplest of things.  Stay vigilant while moving around the property, the rooms, the lobbies, the hallways, etc. Observe not just the room type but also the other room facilities, surroundings and services that come along with it.

These simple details become very important when you want to match the property with the right clients.

2. Build Relationships

No FAM trip can be called fully utilized if you return without any new contacts or relationships. Make sure you interact with the other agents, the suppliers and the staff. Greet the property staff and employees while going through the property.

Build connections wherever or whenever possible. An additional connection you make at the property today can assist you with any help you may require when your customers arrive at the property later.

Needless to say, such collaborations will not only look good on your company’s profile as well as help you in gaining trust of customers.

Here is a tip: Make sure to carry your business cards and exchange them whenever possible!

3. Use this first-hand experience while selling to the clients

The excitement or passion you have while conveying something is automatically experienced by the other person too. No amount of information will better explain a destination experience to your clients than your own first-hand experience. Make sure to use this passion of yours while selling to the customers!

That’s why it is important to go on FAM trips for the destinations you sell the most. Remember, your clients will only get excited while booking with you when you are passionate about selling it.

Therefore, have a good time while on a trip. Learn as much as you can so that you’re able to convey the same information and experiences to your clients later.

4. Do Your Research

It is always recommended to do your own research first before attending a FAM trip. Prior research helps you know the destination, the resort, the suppliers beforehand. Moreover, it helps you frame the right questions that will help you and the other agents with additional information and details.

And most importantly, it will easily help the organizers notice you as a serious and dedicated agent who came well prepared for the trip.

5. Keep Taking Notes And Pictures

Taking notes has always been the quickest and the easiest way to remember things. With so much to observe, learn and remember on a FAM trip, it is extremely important to keep taking notes and pictures. You don’t know what detail your client might ask for, so it’s always better to be equipped with the notes and pictures beforehand.

Posting pictures you took at the property on your social media might even bring in some leads!

TravClan connects you with 350+ verified suppliers specializing in multiple products, destinations and properties around the world for you to choose from and know that you’re buying from the best!

Lastly, do not miss opportunities like FAM trips because it is the experiences and learning from events like these that help you stand out from the rest in the market!

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