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How 15,000+ Travel Agents built their businesses during Covid!

Covid was hard for a lot of travel agents. But with a good partner, things can be smoother and that's what we at TravClan promise to be!
By Yukta Arora, Marketing
TravClan travel agent partner

The travel industry has seen its ups and downs in the last few years. The downturn has been more severe for travel agents who had to deal with the spurt of direct-to-consumer travel websites leading to a reduction in the number of customers who would like to buy through them. Since these were mostly family-run businesses, during Covid, a lot travel agents saw the worst of times. With travel coming to a complete stop, many were forced to shift to other means of sustenance.

In the age of the internet and covid especially, it became really important for them to establish an online presence. In these times, TravClan came as a savior to these agents by helping them move online with their businesses.

Free Website Program

This was when TravClan initiated a program to get these agents to develop their own websites. This was intended to keep them ready for when the travel opens up so that they can attract as many customers as possible and compete with the direct-to-consumer travel portals. Post-Covid, TravClan has enabled more than 3000 travel agents to create an online presence and the number continues to grow.

15,000+ Travel agents working with Travclan

Founded in October 2018, TravClan aims to empower travel agents and enable them to grow their businesses. It aims to be a one-stop solution for the agents where along with providing them with an online e-commerce-like presence, they get competitive rates for flights, hotels, and packages and the easy-to-use mobile application enables them to operate from anywhere in the world to conduct their business freely.

“It’s been almost 2 years now that our website went live and we are getting great response. The ticket booking process is now online, thus reducing our load.”

Meena Rani
Fly Me Now

The lockdown period proved to be especially different for businesses in smaller cities as face-to-face communication came to a stop which was their main way of networking. In this scenario, they started depending on WhatsApp as a means of communication with their potential customers. To support this, TravClan initiated a drive to help these agents with their own branded posters and marketing videos which they could send to their customers in order to drive engagement and leads.

15000 Travel Agents and counting

At present, more than 15,000 travel agents trust TravClan and the experienced and enthusiastic team at the company leaves no stone unturned to provide constant support to the travel agents at all times. With international suppliers and an on-ground presence across India, the company is helping travel agents expand and earn more.

The combination of the passion that TravClan has for its agents and the constant drive that travel agents show for their customers could be the solution for the travel industry in near future.

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