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Do you wonder what a TravClan interviewer looks for during an interview, or what questions they ask?

Do you dread interviews?

Do you wonder what a TravClan interviewer looks for during an interview, or what questions they ask?

Well, you need not worry so much, just read this secret blog and ace your interview!

TravClan interview process is a multi-step practice that we use to screen candidates from a larger pool. It allows managers and company stakeholders to gauge if the applicant is a good fit for our company. It is only after the group discussion and the aptitude test round that the candidate proceeds to the one-on-one interview rounds. The number of screening stages and the desired candidate expectations vary depending on the function or position you apply for.

So here’s how you can prepare well for the interview:

  1. Arrive Early – Punctuality is a virtue that all interviewers appreciate in candidates. At TravClan we generally have virtual interviews so always try showing up 5-7 mins before the given time and make yourself comfortable.
  2. Be well versed with the Job Description and the Company – Before any interview, it is always advisable to go through the details and understand more about the company and the job role. You can do quick online research, go through the company website or connect with the already existing employees to gather some information about the company and the job role. Having a good understanding of the company’s business model and the role that you are applying for will help you interact with the interviewer confidently and get a better understanding of what we are looking for. Also, it is important to understand the commitment required when applying at TravClan. We are growing rapidly and every person joining the company is expected to deliver their best when it comes to dedicating their efforts and time, please ensure that you go through the job description to understand the same.
  3. Set up well for the interview – We can’t say if first impressions are the last impressions but the first impressions in an interview surely play a very important role. Dressing appropriately, keeping your camera on throughout the interaction, and sitting in a quiet space are a few basic things you should ensure beforehand when appearing for an interview.
  4. Brush up your technical skills  When applying for technical roles like software development and analytics, it is always a good idea to brush up on your technical skills.
  5. Lastly, stress less and give your best – Interviews at TravClan are very conversational. In most cases, we would have already gone through your resume and are interviewing you to know you better and see if you can make a good fit. So don’t get surprised if you see us not exactly following just your resume!
  6. Ask Questions, if any: Do not hold yourself back to ask questions that you may have about the company or the job role. We will be happy to help you get some answers.

The respective POC from the People Operations team will be in touch with you throughout the entire recruitment process. Please be assured that you will hear from us in case of both selections and rejections. After successfully clearing all the interview rounds, we will get in touch with you to extend the offer but for now, just be confident and put your best foot forward. We are waiting to meet you!

All the best!