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Culture at TravClan

Culture is the environment that surrounds us all the time. Workplace culture is the shared values, belief systems, attitudes, and assumptions that people in a workplace share. This is shaped by individual upbringing and social and cultural context. We at TravClan truly prioritize culture at its best.

The culture at Travclan is one of a kind. One is expected to be their true self. Working at Travclan is exciting and fun. People get along very easily, they have a drive for results which keeps the work environment alive every time, and our policies are made bottom-up. All in all, it is our unconventional culture that makes TravClan the preferred place to work.

At TravClan we can easily approach and connect with the founders, and the Leadership Team. This way it becomes easy to understand and solve problems in a single go. Managers here are no less than cool buddies who often take their co-workers to buddy lunches with them to discuss work and life. And when it comes to Saturdays there are many parties and celebrations that await one!

Engagement activities are often planned for the people, being it a musical night, interactive games, and many more. Everyone out here can achieve and grow in terms of wealth and skills. There is always a scope for improvement and hence we have devised feedback policies to decide the quantum of stars we carry as an employee and what the areas of improvement. The appraisal mechanism at Travclan is a dependent factor of our feedback policy. Young, enthusiastic, and willing to take up new things, projects, initiatives, and ideations are the qualities we look for in the Clan.

Putting together:

TravClan promotes ownership, and an attitude to solve real-time problems. And it is just the right place to grow fast in career and wealth so why would anyone look for any other workplace?