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Aptitude test as a part of the recruitment process

Hearing of ‘Aptitude Tests’ can make anyone anxious at first. Just thinking about the clock ticking and the pressure that builds up can be quite overwhelming.

It’s difficult, right? To solve the maximum questions in a limited set of time with the fear of negative marking always hanging over your head. All of these thoughts make candidates back out even before appearing for the aptitude test. But relax, that’s not the case here!

But still, if you wonder why companies conduct this aptitude test, then please continue reading.

In general, an aptitude test evaluates a candidate’s abilities using a variety of assessments. So, to quote an example, for Business roles we have tests designed as per the requirements of the role to assess communication, thinking capability, and logical reasoning. We have technical assessments designed for the tech roles to assess technical skills and numerical data analysis. The data gathered as a result of these tests help in determining the suitability of the candidate for the particular position that s/he has applied for.

So what questions do we have in the test and why?

We have a different set of questions in our 55 Minutes aptitude tests which includes:

  • Basic Mathematical questions – To evaluate your numerical aptitude through percentages, averages, etc.
  • Qualitative Reasoning – Evaluates your ability to analyze simple data, in a short span of time.
  • Situational Judgement – Tests your problem-solving ability and cultural fit.
  • Logical Reasoning – Tests your ability to recognize patterns and sequences. These are similar to IQ tests and common knowledge questions.

At TravClan, we have designed these tests taking into consideration the different types of roles. Every question carries a point, the sum of which is your total score. Different profiles have different passing scores and guess what – there is no negative marking! Furthermore, the judgment is based on statistics, which gives it objectivity and accuracy. This makes it easier to judge each contender fairly.

How is the Aptitude test at TravClan conducted?

  1. An aptitude test is conducted right after the Group discussion on a zoom call.
  2. To give you a rough idea about the pattern of the Aptitude Test, In non-tech roles, We have a total of 34 questions and you do not need prior work experience to be able to solve these.
  3. The duration of the test for most of the roles is 55 minutes and it’s automated, which means after the time limit, it automatically gets submitted.
  4. All the candidates need to stay connected on the zoom call for the entire duration of the test with their cameras on.
  5. To ease the candidate’s stress, we have no negative marking.
  6. If candidates juggle between multiple screens, we are notified about the same which eventually affects the evaluation.

How should you prepare for An Aptitude test at TravClan?

It is difficult to anticipate the questions that will be asked of you throughout the testing process, but you can surely be a step ahead of others by:

  • You can look over some online tests, so you can get a sense of the questions and time constraints you will face.
  • As we have no negative marking, try attempting all the questions.
  • Managing your time wisely, by not spending too much time on one particular question.
  • When responding to open-ended questions, be sure to be short and to the point.

So now, put a halt on your anxiousness and start gearing up for the aptitude test. And at the end of it all, we suggest you prepare well, without much stress attached to it. All the best!