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Joining us at TravClan? Here's what you can expect!

The first day at a new job can usually seem a little scary, we all have been there and have faced the anxiety of meeting new people, adjusting to the new workplace, and getting to know the job.

But, don’t worry we got your back with these tips to help you have a great first day at TravClan.

Few tips to follow a day before Joining

1) Have a good sleep– A good sleep will take you miles and keep you energetic throughout the next day.

2) Have a hearty breakfast before leaving home– While the anxiety must be kicking in, do not forget to have a healthy breakfast to help you go through the day.

3) Plan your commute– Map out the best route to your new workplace in advance, If you need a little help, you can always connect with HR for any help.

4) Take the first step – You’ll be meeting a lot of people on your first day, come with an open mind and try initiating a conversation with the people around you.

Most importantly, be excited to start this new chapter. So many opportunities and great times await you.

What your ‘first day’ at TravClan looks like

We at TravClan try to make the first days fun, insightful, and easygoing, keep reading to know how:

1) The day starts at sharp 9:30 am when you’re required to reach the office, you will immediately be connected with someone from the people operations function who will brief you about the onboarding processes & explain to you the course of your day.

2) Post the interaction you’re required to complete some onboarding formalities and fill out some primary forms. It’s always handy to keep digital copies of some important documents like the ID proof, and 10th & 12th mark sheets) etc

3) Now comes the best part, you get to meet your manager, and the entire team and introduce yourself in the most fun way & you also get to meet your buddy!

Wait, what’s a buddy?

Well, for this you will have to wait till the joining!

4) The day usually begins with a fun & learning session with the co-founder, who briefs you about the company, the goals, the vision & the mission of the entire team.

Post that it’s time for a quick lunch break with your buddy!

5) Post lunch we have a few briefing sessions about the company and its policies. This session gives you clarity about how things at TravClan work.

6) After the session, a fun game awaits you which is always rewarding at the end but you gotta be quick.

7) Lastly, you’ll spend time with the people you will be working closely with, which are your team members and your manager.

So, that’s how your first day is wrapped, and yes, we also await a customized onboarding kit for you. We hope you’re excited & confident about your first day with us, we’re all prepped to welcome you.

Hope to meet you soon in the office :)