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Learn, Connect and Grow Your Business at Offline Events

Offline events are a great way to connect with the community and build your networking for business. We at TravClan aim to empower our travel partners in whatever way possible!
By Yukta Arora, Marketing

TravClan has organized over 10 offline events in the last 2 months and has connected with over 1200+ agents. These offline events are a great way for travel agents to make new connections in the travel industry and grow their businesses. Also, our partners Dubai Tourism Board, Dubai Holdings, Resort World Cruises, Dhigufaru Resorts who are present at these events help travel agents sell their products and services in a much better way. 

Team TravClan has left no stone unturned and we are taking over the nation one city at a time. 

In September, we visited Delhi, Surat, Nagpur, and Pune and received an overwhelming response and love from our travel agents. The best part about TravClan events is that our events are open to all travel agents out there and we don’t charge any registration fees. Additionally, the registration process is quite simple and fast. 

Such events enable travel agents to expand their network and relationships in the same industry. Travel agents with very different demographics come to TravClan Meet-ups. Some are experienced with decades of experience and some are very young a with a new zeal to create an impact in the industry and the quality of interactions they have is something to witness. 

Agents also get a chance to meet our founders and their account managers in person. Agents have the opportunity to build a relationship with the people they are working with and also share their problems and the challenges they face. Our team is more than happy to cater to the needs of our agents. 

Travel agents also get to know about the new products and services that TravClan has to offer before anyone else. Agents get to know the company’s vision for the future and how TravClan is planning to take this industry ahead. We also appreciate and award our business partners for their achievements in the travel industry. 

This September, we started off with an offline event in the capital city of Delhi on 14th September at The Park Hotel. Then we were in Surat on 26th September at Courtyard by Mariott and shortly after in Nagpur on 29th September at Hotel Centre Point. We ended our tour with our event in Pune on 30th September at Hotel Crown Plaza.

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