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How to decide a name for Your New Travel Agency?

Deciding on a name for a new travel agency can be a challenging task. The name you choose should be memorable, catchy, and descriptive of the services your agency offers. It should also reflect the unique qualities and values of your brand.
By Harnoor Singh, Marketing

Well, now that you’ve thought to turn your passion toward traveling to turn into a profitable business, and starting a travel agency, now is a pretty good time to start focusing on the most important thing when it comes to marketing your travel business better.

Yes, you guessed it right, it’s TRAVEL AGENCY NAME!

It may seem like a piece of cake at the beginning but it can get tricky when you start to dive deep into the process.

With lots of travel business out there already operating with somewhat similar names, you need something to stand apart from the crowd and build a brand that is different and truly stands for what you believe in.

Here are 3 Tips to help you choose an awesome name for your travel agency:

1. Know Your Focus

For any business of any industry, it is extremely important to understand the importance of what segment you would want to operate in when it comes to actually put in the effort and choosing to grow it into something profitable.

So know your focus, which segment drives you the most – Is it FIT? Or Is it MICE? Or the sweet and simple Eco-Tourism?

Knowing your focus will allow you to decide on a name that resonates with your segment and will help your travelers connect with you on a deeper level.

It will help you narrow down a few options from the wide gamut of choices available when it comes to travel and tourism.

2. Avoid Using Your Own Name

It may come as a shock to most of us family-loving people out there, but while deciding a name for your travel agency, avoid using your name or family name for the same.

This is because your travel agency is a potential future brand and a brand name should be in congruence with the idea of the business that you are running, the type of services you offer, and most important of them all, the type of customers you target!

3. Make sure you have potential Domain Name

We know for a fact that you are an amazing travel agent and from the day you begin you business, with your expertise and level of service your small home office travel agency might grow into a highly profitable travel business in the coming months.

Without a website, the potential of travel business is somewhat limited to a locality, a town, or a state at maximum. To reach customers from across the country, a website is a must.

For a beautiful website for your travel agency, you must have a relevant domain name for your travel agency.

So it is important that while deciding a name for your dream project, you must keep in mind the future prospects as well so that you don’t need to worry at a later stage!

Bonus Tip

Well, last but not the least, Keep it simple!

A simple and easy to pronounce travel agency name is sticky enough for customers to remember for a long time.

This will allow your business to build trust and the next time your customer wants to book their vacation, they will know whom to approach.

We hope that these tips will help you choose an amazing name for your travel agency. Happy Business!

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