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Follow these steps to start off as an Independent Travel Agent!

Learn steps that an aspiring travel agents can take to launch their business with confidence and increase their chances of success.
By Simrandeep Kaur, Marketing

Tourism is one of the fastest-growing and the most rewarding industries of all time. With the busy and hectic lifestyles today, the need and desire to travel has become common and this travel trend is expected to shoot up again after the pandemic ends.

Even during the pandemic, with all the social distancing norms in place, the concept of ‘Stay-cations’ has become popular among travelers seeking a fun and relaxing break around the world.

Tourism as a business has been greatly impacted by the internet in the past several years. It offers travelers a wide range of options and services to choose from. It gives them the chance to do their own homework and research before booking a package from an agent but what’s amazing is the continued importance of an agent in the travel cycle of a customer.

Millions of restaurants continue to exist and function even when people can do their own cooking. Similarly, millions of travel agents continue to function because travelers still choose to rely on a professional to plan out their perfect vacation and give them quality assured services.

So if you want to give this career a shot, then dive right into it and don’t worry because below are the steps in which you can directly start off as an independent travel agent:

1. Create Your Business Plan

Just like any other business, having a business plan before starting your own travel agency is very important.

Plan your niche. Decide the type of travel agent you want to become. Know if you want to start an independent local agency of your own, a home-based business or become a travel contractor with some host travel agency. Understand the financial and legal requirements of the business.

Having a clear vision and a business plan in hand will give you a great head start.

2. Know Your Market

Spend some time doing your market research. Study about the current travel market, the other major players and find your ideal customers.

Understand the type of agency needed in the market. See if you can fill some gaps in the current market setting.

Interact informally with other Travel Agents and learn as much as you can from them. Take a look around your community and understand the travel needs, concerns, and expectations of the people around you.

3. Build Your Brand

Once your business type and niche is decided, the next step is to build a brand.

It’s very important to attach a name and symbol to your business. It will help your customers identify you just by hearing your name or looking at your logo.

Know what you stand for and what difference can you make in the lives of your customers through the bookings they make with you.

Why should they book with you and not on their own or any other experienced agent is the question you should be able to answer.

4. Cover The Legal Procedures

The next step is to get through the legalities and paperwork of the type of Travel Agency you want to start.

You might have to get your business registration done, get a license or some certifications like GST registrations, Udhyog Aadhar, and some other documents depending on whether you want to start as a freelancer, a sole proprietor, a partnership firm, a company of your own or any other business structure.

5. Plan Your Fundraising Strategy

Luckily while starting off the business, no big investments would be required.

Starting off as a Travel Agent does not necessarily require an office space (you can work straight out of your home) or any special types of equipment.

However, with time you might require some additional funds to market your agency and promote travel products both online and offline and to find a location and hire employees.

So it’s always better to have a plan in place!

6. Market Your Brand and Start Your Business!

With all the necessary conditions fulfilled, you are now all set to start your business.

Do not underestimate the power of Social Media Marketing in advertising your business. Be active on various social media platforms, have a website, write about your business, ask your customers to write testimonials, connect, and engage with other travel entrepreneurs and potential customers.

Get your TravClan powered CRM and website that talks about your business, your logo, lets you display the deals of your choice, has an elaborate news and guide section and much more at an affordable price!

At TravClan, we will help you get the best b2b deals by connecting you with more than 500+ verified Travel Suppliers, for all your domestic and international requirements.

We will also assign a Dedicated Relationship Manager to you to help you with all your booking requirements, remittances, and many more services!

Lastly, we wish you all the very best and look forward to helping you with your new venture every step of the way!

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