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5 Effective Tips on How To Create Your Travel Agency Logo (+List of Free Tools For Logo Design)

Want to create a memorable logo for your business without breaking the bank? Discover the secrets to designing a stunning logo that represents your brand with our simple tips. Plus, check out our list of free logo design tools to help you get started!
By Manoj Tudu, Marketing

Whenever we start a business or a start-up, we start by choosing a name for it and then we start thinking about branding. Creating a good logo is an important part of your branding that allows people to simply look at it and get an idea about your business.

Also, logos go everywhere: website, emails, business cards, signboards, posters, social media and even merchandise. To create your own logo, you don’t need to spend a lot of money.

All you need to do is find the right tool and have a vision. The following points will enable you to create a good logo yourself:

1. Represent your purpose:

A lot of people start their own travel business. But, there is always something that sets different businesses apart – their USP. Your logo should be able to represent that.

It should also represent the name of your brand. For example, An adventure travel company’s logo will certainly have a different logo than a yoga travel company’s logo.

2. Create a theme:

Branding includes a lot of factors and one of those is the theme of your brand. Now, a theme could be represented by a color, a symbol, a tagline, a font, an alphabet or a combination of these.

Whenever we see this picture, we all know that it is McDonald’s and they have not even written their name.

So, a logo that matches the theme creates a long-lasting impact. Create a theme that fits everywhere.

3. Uniqueness:

Creating something that is different and unique always stands out and is easily recognizable.

4. Creative:

Of course, to create a theme, a logo, one has to think and act creatively. Once you start creating your own logo, it will eventually come to you.

Designing takes time and you should invest time in creating your logo as it is something that represents your company.

5. Visual Appeal:

Once you have a vision of what you want to include in your logo, you have to make it visually appealing. A good looking logo is very attractive and is a powerful branding tool.

We have created a list of Free Tools For Logo Design that will help you create the Perfect Brand Logo for Your Travel Agency. To get the free list, fill out the form below:

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