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Upcoming events in Saudi

By Simrandeep Kaur, Marketing

Saudi is emerging as a top tourist destination, not just for its beauty but for opening doors to thrilling experiences. Saudi Arabia has brought in a new wave of excitement by hosting memorable events and festivals to boost tourism and emerge as a one stop destination for all the tourists.

This might be the best time to pitch Saudi to your customers as a lot of exciting events are just around the corner.

Not only can your customers enjoy the wonderful nature and historic places but they can enjoy various exotic experiences.

Here’s what to expect in the coming month:

1. Alula Moments

Starting on September 22, alula moments is a festival spanning a couple of months where one gets to enjoy like never before. One gets to experience music, art and culture in the beautiful landscape of Alula.

With the event ending on January 23, you should definitely discuss the major highlights of this event with your customer. Your customers can enjoy ‘Winter at Tantora’, where a lot of renowned musicians and singers perform while they enjoy world class food. It will definitely be an experience.

Apart from the festivals, following experiences are not to be missed:
– Hegra after dark
– Tayma Day Trip
– Khaybar Day Trip
– Activities such as Camel Cup, Hot Air Balloon, extreme adventure sports, etc.

2. Boulevard Riyadh

Ending on 30 December’22, boulevard riyadh is definitely something not to be missed. Saudi Arabia knows how to make everything an experience. It does everything with all its heart to make sure everyone has a great time. It is a sort of festival where one can enjoy activities, music, food etc. With areas allotted for various kinds of activities, your customers can play their day accordingly When can enjoy live music and movies while having amazing food.

Full of activities, games and adventure and exotic food, it should definitely be a part of your customer’s itinerary if they are visiting Riyadh in December.

There are no ends to places to explore and experience new things in Saudi. You can check our packages here and also get customized quotes as per your customers needs.

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