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Travel Tips for Differently Abled Travelers

Unlock the World of Travel for the Differently Abled: Tips and Tricks to Make It Happen!
By Amisha Sharma, Growth Marketer

In my opinion travelling can be used as a synonym to happiness and I am sure the case is same for most of the people in this world. Travel is like a therapy that enlightens your soul. This World Disabled Day we are sharing some tips to provide this mesmerizing experience of travelling to the differently abled people.

There are many cases where differently abled people themselves feel scared or have doubts in their mind when it comes to travel. Hopefully after reading this things will change and they’ll get a chance to explore this beautiful world. The main components while travelling include Air Travel, Accommodation, Public transport and Adventure and each one of these can be made accessible for differently abled people with minimal efforts. Come let’s see how!

1. Air Travel

  • Avoid Connecting Flights for a hassle free journey because it’s tough and inconvenient.
  • Most of the airlines in the world have all the facilities required for differently abled people. All you need to do is make a prior request so that arrangements can be made to provide you with the assistance.
  • Another major factor is that the passenger must provide detailed description with regards to their disability in order to receive proper assistance.

2. Accommodation

  • Choose properties which can provide most of the services in your room. Some hotel chains have complete policies made for their conduct in such cases and they might provide meals in rooms as well.
  • Ask for help without any hesitation, never feel shy.
  • Some hotels have options for rooms on the ground floor with wheelchair accessible washrooms so if you have one such property near your destination go for it.
  • Provide an arrangement checklist to hotel authorities so that they can do the best possible to make your trip better.

3. Public Transport

  • Although it is less preferable for differently abled people, still if someone wants to enjoy a road trip or train journey there are ways it can be arranged. You can ask a guide, family member or friend to come along with you.
  • Decide the route map prior and check for all the facilities you need at all the checkpoints.

4. Adventure

  • Adventure activities provide adrenaline rush and differently abled people can feel this too. Many companies across the globe have come up with equipment to make this possible. From skiing to skydiving they can try it all. You can find the list of providers easily on the internet depending on your destination.
  • Research properly before going for any such activity as it can negatively affect your condition. Make sure you consult your doctor to take all the permissions and you are good to go!

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