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Top Selling Private Island Resort in Maldives

There are many resorts in Maldives and it becomes often difficult to choose the right one for your customer. But this resort becomes an easy choice with its amazing accommodation, food and service.
By Amisha Sharma, Growth Marketer

A country that is always on your client’s mind, irrespective of the time of the year? The Maldives!

The destination practically sells itself with the luscious greens, white sand, and exquisite beaches; not to mention the Visa on Arrival.

The Reveal

The only concern that every traveller has is the accommodation cost of the trip. Today we are bringing you the best solution- Biyadhoo Island Resort. 30 minutes in a speedboat from the airport, lies this 3-star property with its own private island. Biyadhoo Island is hands down the most cost-effective resort available in the Maldives. Unlike the other budget-friendly properties that are usually smaller and share the same island with multiple other properties; Biyadhoo has the island all to itself, making it the perfect place for some privacy, especially while selling your honeymoon packages to ensure enough space and time.

Food and Service

Along with these, Biyadhoo also houses an exceptionally beautiful and considerate on-site restaurant that is more than happy to accommodate special dietary requirements, halal diets, or any other concerns you might have regarding the food options available. It also provides authentic, delicious Maldivian dishes.

The island itself has a calm, tropical ambiance. The dusk provides a different form of beauty. The bridges across the sea give you a chance to dip your feet in the saltwater and relax. The rooms would have 24×7 free WIFI as well as excellent room service (you can check out the reviews too). There is also a bar featuring all kinds of drinks at your disposal. Alimatha Island and Baros Island are nearby attractions that are often visited.

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