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Staycation in Dubai

Dubai offers options for long term stay for professionals who plan to have a staycation rather than a short trip. It has a number of properties and activities which one can enjoy at a not so expensive price
By Simrandeep Kaur, Marketing

Dubai offers supersized hotels, buffets, malls, amusement parks, aquariums, designer cars, and luxury yachts, and is the perfect destination to pitch for a staycation to your customers.

Whether your client is a bachelor, married or even a parent- they all look forward to summers to get away from the city and explore the world outside. Their budget is also higher for the summer trips.

Why Dubai you might ask?

Well, here’s a list to make up your mind, to help you convince the clients and bring in some extra money home.

Cheaper Hotels

The biggest concern for everybody traveling to a foreign destination is always the hotel prices. The prices couldn’t have been any lower than right now; it’s costlier to stay in any luxury hotel in India for a single night than stay in any decent hotel in Dubai for a couple of nights.

Affordable Flight Tickets

Shorter Flight duration and cheaper prices than any famous destination outside the country and most of the states in India make Dubai a super convenient and budget-friendly place to visit.

Less Crowd

As compared to the rest of the year or during the peak seasons, it isn’t as crowded. Allowing ample time for your clients to explore every event and activity at a leisurely pace.
Indoor Activity and Places of Attraction.

You can customize the trip in accordance with your clients and their requirements. We are offering trips highlighting attractions with air conditioning. The least amount spent without air conditioning is possible.

  • Go Skydiving with Skydive Dubai
  • Shopping in the famous malls like The Dubai Mall
  • Enjoy Skiing at Ski Dubai
  • Explore water wonders at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.
  • Enjoy the Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark.

Higher Profit

Since we have B2B pricing for you, it gives you a bigger margin for your profits. You can quote normal or nominal rates while saving you more money.

Book with you now and get Instant Quotes to Dubai !

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