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Emerging destinations in Dubai for 2023

By Amisha Sharma, Growth Marketer

Dubai has been one of the favorite destinations for Indians for many years now. With its Luxury Hotels, Malls, Desert Safaris and City Tours, it has always presented a world of options for all types of travelers.

At the same time, Dubai keeps presenting new options for well-traveled tourists to explore and visit every year. So what are the emerging places in Dubai that one can explore in 2023?

Expo City Dubai

Built on the legacy of Expo 2020, Expo City Dubai presents a host of world class entertainment offerings that the tourists liked during the exposition. It includes the Al-Wasl Plaza, the Garden in the Sky Observation Tower, the famed Surreal water feature and a host of thematic pavilions. This is a mini-city in itself and definitely is one of the places a tourist should definitely visit.

Mohammad Bin Rashid Library

Largest library in the region and representative of the collective cultural and academic vision, this library is built in the shape of traditional Islamic lectern. It’s one of the new iconic structures built within Dubai and housed beside the Dubai Creek.

Museum of the Future

This is one of the most famous landmarks of the city which continues to attract visitors from across the world. This ‘living museum’ explores how the society could evolve in the coming decades, combining the elements of traditional exhibition, immersive theatres and themed attractions. One can see the different parts of current technology and future possibilities like space travel, architecture etc. at this landmark

Dubai Islands

This is a man-made archipelago close to the shores of Diera neighborhood and covers about 15.3 sq km across four isles. This group of islands is home to family hotels, marinas and retail thrills and adds about 21 km of shoreline to the country’s coastline. It is an exciting place to visit for all the people who like to have some beach time with their family and friends.

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