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Dubai Shopping Festival: What to look out for

By Simrandeep Kaur, Marketing

Shopping for luxury brands is something which people love. They go to lengths to buy their favorite brands, from best of perfumes, to gadgets and apparels. And Dubai is a place known for all the luxuries and the best of malls and shops to buy everything. However, what holds them back most times is the price of these products.

Dubai Shopping Festival, which is undoubtedly the biggest and most visited shopping destination is the place where people can buy these products at a hefty discount and without taxes. Let’s learn more about the Dubai Shopping Festival below. 

What is DSF? Dates and History

Dubai Shopping Festival is celebrated every year-end for a month where top brands are on discount across malls in Dubai. The Shopping Festival came to exist way back in 1996 and now, with Dubai being one of the top destinations in the world, it has become a major event attracting millions of visitors.

It is a shopping paradise for everyone who is excited about shopping as one can find products across categories available.

What can you shop for?

There is a world of products to shop from at DSF. Also, since they are available at a discount and that too tax free, it’s a great time to buy merchandise. That is a huge factor which leads to  over 3 million visitors to come every year at this shopping festival. Here are the following suggestions of items that one can buy at DSF:

1.Apparel: Every high end brand that one can imagine is present on a discount at DSF. It includes brands like Jack & Jones, BOGGI, Christian Louboutin, Verri, Rodeo Drive, Armani, Billionaire, and Prada. If a high fashion brand is what you want to buy or aspire for, you would love the options present at the Dubai Shopping Festival.

2.Gold: Dubai is synonymous with gold buying for all. Dubai Shopping Festival presents a very good opportunity to buy good quality gold with the best of designs at an affordable rate. The range of designs available is also bound to satisfy the people looking for options with their purchase.

3.Electronics: One of the most bought items when someone goes overseas is electronics. That includes phones, TVs, cameras and a variety of other goods for home and personal use. The offers for electronics are so tempting at DSF that it becomes almost impossible for anyone to not purchase while being there.

4.Home decor: Home decor items, especially present at carpet Oasis are among the favorites at DSF among the shoppers. So this might be a good opportunity to redecorate your homes as massive discounts are present, even to the tune of 50-70%.

During DSF, the entire city virtually turns into a bazaar and you can find lights and festivities all around. However, within that, there are some of the shopping places which are popular:

  • Global Village
  • Al Rigga Street
  • Dubai Mall
  • Gold Souk
  • Promenade at Dubai Festival City
  • Al Seef Street
  • Mall of the Emirates
  • Deira City Centre
  • Ibn Battuta Mall
  • Festival Waterfront Centre
  • Mercato Shopping Ma

Other attractions
While in Dubai, there are a host of tourist attractions present apart from the loads of shopping you might do. Dubai is one of the favorites for Indians traveling abroad and the focus of Dubai Tourism on tourism ensures that there is always something new for tourists to explore. Some of the popular attractions in Dubai include:

1- Desert Safari
2- Museum Of Future
3- Global Village
4- Miracle Garden
5- Top Golf
6- Edge Walk
7- Burj Khalifa
8- Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo
9- Burj Khalifa
10- Dhow Cruise

Tips to get the most out of it

  • Book flights and hotels timely to avoid disappointment as Dubai is almost booked completely at this time of the year.
  • Make a shopping list because with the variety of options available, its likely that you might shop excess of your capacity or lose out on an important item you need to buy.
  • Keep a credit/debit card handy and check for card offers while at the shop
  • Wear comfortable clothes because the malls in Dubai are huge and it might lead to a lot of walking and carrying bags around! This also might come handy when you need to try out clothes are queues are long.
  • Research well for offers available before you take the plunge to buy an item.
  • Most importantly, have fun, eat at the remarkable restaurants around and whenever you get tired, you can also get yourself the foot spa you deserve.

The Dubai Shopping Festival happens only once a year, so be ready to fill your bags with items and your hearts with memories of this incredible destination.

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