4 Best Beaches in Saudi

By Amisha Sharma, Growth Marketer

Saudi Arabia may not come to mind when thinking about tropical beach destinations. There are 2,000 km of spectacular coastline, pristine blue waters, and soft white sand that make this region highly appealing to foreigners.

If you want your customers to make the most of their Saudi Trip, then you should suggest them to visit Saudi beaches. The top beaches are:

1. Indigo Beach

It is one of the most elegant private beaches in Saudi Arabia. Your customers can forget about all their worries here and simply have fun to the fullest without getting sucked into the mad rush of the city.

Witness the beauty of the turquoise lagoon on this beach while relaxing on its white sands.

2. Umluj Beach

Saudi Arabia’s Umluj Beach is considered to be one of the dreamiest beaches because of its smooth island sand, natural islands, and majestic beauty.

The beach is a delight for nature lovers thanks to its rich marine biodiversity and some of the most stunning natural springs.

3. Al Saif Beach

Al Saif offers some of the most spectacular diving spots in the world. However, you might not be aware that it is also one of the finest beaches in Saudi Arabia, and it is also the closest to Jeddah City.

Additionally, this beach is perfect for beach lovers, backpackers, and families.

4. Al Fanateer Beach

It comes as no surprise that Al Fanateer Beach in Al Jubail is one of Saudi Arabia’s most popular public beaches. With its extensive stretch of green lawns, white sand, children’s playground, paved paths for walking, and palm trees shading the area, it attracts both tourists and locals.

Your customers can enjoy the sea views while strolling on the sands, hopping in a sailboat, or riding a bike across the path.

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